Everyone Is Fighting for Something

Winning Starts with Nutrition.
Make Fighters’ Tea part of your everyday regimen.

Moringa Turmeric Tea – Fighters Tea Recovery

$15.00 $13.49

  • RECOVERY TEA | Our pomegranate flavored moringa turmeric tea bags provide your body with powerful all natural anti inflammatories to support joint and muscle relief, stiffness and aching pains.
  • FIGHT INFLAMMATION | Curcumin, the main active ingredient in turmeric, gives this herbal tea the potent antioxidants it needs to help you fight off chronic inflammation.
  • WINNING WITH NUTRITION | Supports cardiovascular health, metabolism, immune function and digestion.
  • KETO FRIENDLY DIET | Improve the overall health of your body and mind while being in the state of Ketosis. Beginners welcome.
  • MADE IN THE USA and US VETERAN OWNED | Our Moringa Oleifera Tea Bags are Non GMO, Contains No Gluten, Sugar and Additives and founded by a US Marine Veteran.

About Us

Fight. It’s in all of us. It’s that inner voice that says “don’t quit.” That says “let’s do one more mile.” That says “work hard, then work harder.” It can be found in the classroom as well the weight room. Because everyone is fighting for something. That’s why Fighter’s Tea was created.

Founded by a Marine, entrepreneur and father of two, Fighter’s Tea was developed to support the proper nutrition needed for all of life’s battles. Made in the USA, it’s certified organic, non-GMO and has the highest quality ingredients to keep you at your best. Make Fighter’s Tea part of your everyday regimen. And fight on!