Guide to Essential Moringa Benefits

There is no doubt that Moringa is by far the healthiest vegetable to date. A lot of health experts and medical practitioners are encouraging and recommending daily consumption of Moringa in any form in one’s diet especially in richness in antioxidants and nutrients and in dealing with body inflammation. While the plants or leaves are not available in all parts of the world, people can now enjoy its benefits through supplements in capsule and Moringa herbal tea. Moringa benefits are overflowing in terms protein, calcium, and iron just to name a few. It is also considered as the best source of anti-inflammatory components in foods.

Beyond Comparison
What will exceed to what is considered as a “miracle tree”? Moringa is similar to kale and broccoli containing Isothiocyanates which your body can readily and easily absorb. Compounds found in a green leafy vegetable like this are higher, thus the higher effectiveness in dealing with inflammatory compared to other vegetables or spices. It is clinically proven that it has a more promising bioavailability for faster absorption of the vitamins and minerals along with other compounds present in this vegetable.  While you may need to combine a number of fruits and vegetables just to get the right amount of nutrients , antioxidants, and other healthful benefits, you can eat just the Moringa to get all those. Recent researches and studies even show that this wonderful plant activates detoxification in the body like no other single vegetable can.

Moringa Benefits
Anyone can benefit from eating moringa leaves or drinking moringa herbal tea especially for fighting malnourishment in some countries around the world. This resulted to the production of more products containing fresh Moringa leaves and leaves extract in the market like bread, cakes, juices, dishes, and even desserts so people from all ages and walks of life can get access to its nutritional value.

  • Highly nutritious and antioxidant-enriched food rich in Vitamins A and C, B-vitamins, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and more.  You don’t need a weighing scale to get the right amount of potassium, protein, calcium, and and other vitamins. All you need is a cup of concentrated moringa in a tea bag every day. How concentrated? There is a substantial difference between grams of vitamin C in an orange and lightweight leaves of moringa.


  • Lactose production is no longer a problem with most of lactating mothers as Moringa is said to aid in increasing breast milk supply.  Many supplements are now Moringa-based which pregnant women can take regularly from pregnancy, birth, and until breastfeeding period as prescribed or recommended by a doctor.


  • Amino acid energy boosters’ increases your energy levels like a supplement would but without any harmful effects due to chemicals. But when you feel like your lack of energy becomes too frequent, be sure to consult a doctor as there might be an underlying condition that needs immediate medical attention.


  • Reduced cholesterol level has been one of the promising Moringa benefits compared to drugs for lowering cholesterol in the market.  You can combine a healthy diet complete with fruits, vegetables, and other foods with low sugar content for more positive effects.


  • The anti-inflammatory healing and protective power of Moringa is now available in tea form for easier and ready consumption. You have almost all the benefits of essential vitamins and minerals aside from the ones mentioned above such as beta-carotene, Chlorogenic acid, and quercetin. The latter is known for stabilizing histamine production and sometimes consumed as natural histamine.


There is also a positive result of blood sugar getting reduced and balanced from regular consumption based from clinical trials. The correlation between diabetes and inflammation is medically proven to have an effect due to imbalances in blood sugar. You need to keep your blood sugar level in check to prevent inflammation and other health problems arising from this condition. While others may need a higher amount of consumption compared to others, there is no mistaking that you can get a multitude of benefits from this amazing plant.

What will you get from a Moringa cup of tea?
Regular drinking of Moringa tea can give you the benefits of eating the leaves, in fact in a more concentrated form. People who regularly eat the leaves have shown a tremendous decrease in bad cholesterol and blood sugar. A nutrient-dense Moringa leaves is your best way of getting the most out of green and leafy vegetables for better and faster nutrients absorption. You will get the same benefits by including in your diet a regimen of drinking the tea combined with a balanced diet and healthy living. Let the above-mentioned Moringa benefits be your guide for a healthier you.

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